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Got ghosts? Check out my story on a York County paranormal investigation team

Me, hanging out at an ‘engineering’ session with In the Midst of Ghosts earlier this year. Read about it here.

If you get the chance, head over to ydr.com and check out my story on a group of local ghost hunters.

This was one of those parts of my job that don’t feel like work.

In January, I went on a few nighttime adventures with this enthusiastic trio at the Goodridge House, the John Wright Restaurant and the Wrightsville House.  Continue reading


Keepin’ it classy: Working from the 86-year-old Yorktowne Hotel

The morning started in style.

Don’t get me wrong.

I love a loud, obnoxious, shenanigans-filled ruckus as much as the next reporter.

I love frolicking among York County’s strangest in gas stations, diners and undisclosed locations.

I love it all — just not when I’m trying to meet deadlines.

On Tuesday, I just needed to work — transcribe long recordings, specifically.

And what better place, I figured, than the elegant, 86-year-old historic landmark I had written about a few weeks earlier. Continue reading