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Giant sunflowers, the case of the missing WellSpan EMS, and other happenings

Between vacation and other shenanigans, I have been really REALLY bad at blogging lately.

So, here’s the run down of what I’ve been up to since the strip club story broke my heart when it ended abruptly: Continue reading


That time I drove a tractor-trailer

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Last week, I drove a tractor-trailer at DCS School of Driving in York.

The column I wrote following the experience ended up on the Facebook page of Overdrive Magazine, a publication for those in the industry.

Since then, I’ve gotten a few emails and calls from truckers who appreciated my attempts to understand everything that goes into driving a big rig. Continue reading

#Boyer101 invades Martin Library for the Youth Empowerment Summit

On Thursday, I had a special treat.

Some of my last group learning about journalism, and why it's fun and everyone should do it, obviously.

Some of my last group learning about journalism, and why it’s fun and everyone should do it, obviously.

I had the pleasure of speaking with two groups of  young people at Martin Library for the annual Youth Empowerment Summit.

Sponsored by the Harley-Davidson Foundation, the event connects students from the York Homeschool Association and 12 school districts with local professionals and artisans.

I got to speak about journalism, which is pretty rad.

I thought about bringing the NewsVroom van, but ultimately decided against it. I can’t parallel park my own car, let alone a gigantic creeper van. Continue reading

A month of music: A lack thereof and a LIVE concert

The stage of the Strand all decked out for Think Loud's after party on Feb. 28. Later in the night, the curtains opened and Live played with a backdrop of empty seats.

The stage of the Strand all decked out for Think Loud’s after party on Feb. 28. Later in the night, the curtains opened and Live played with a backdrop of empty seats.

The past couple weeks, for me, have been about music.

First, there was the lack thereof.

Last week, we broke this story about Harley-Davidson removing radios from its plants as a matter of safety and productivity protocol.

I know what you’re thinking. (Some people even emailed me to share their two cents.)

“Why is this a story?” 

“What are you going to write about next? The contents of Harley’s vending machines? The employees’ bathroom breaks?”

Truthfully, this isn’t really a story about Harley at all. Continue reading

NewsVrooming with the Girl Scouts at Dover Area Community Library

So, last night was super fun.

I joined co-workers Brittany Wilson and Sarah Chain to kickoff the NewsVroom’s yearlong initiative of visiting York County libraries.

We traveled to Dover Area Community Library, where I had the opportunity to present my ideaLab project to Girl Scout Troop #20195.

Before a mock press conference, I discussed basic apps (QuickVoice, iMovie, Notability, 360Pano, etc.) and I got to play this video of this old man with his funny cane.

The best part: One of the girls recommended I go set up my “office” at Chuck-E-Cheese.

Loves it.

Here are some photos from the event:


I had to drive the NewsVroom van, because — let’s be honest — everyone else was scared to.

Continue reading

Two happy stories and a Penn State victory to wrap up this Thanksgiving weekend

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for Penn State’s win in overtime against Wisconsin … and these awesome seats!

If you’re looking for a warm fuzzy story this Thanksgiving weekend, I have two.

The first belongs to our Thanksgiving package where we highlighted what Yorkers cherish this holiday. (Hint: It’s difficult to fit this theme for the Money & More section.  Most people, I hope, won’t say, “I cherish money.”)

I met Amanda Danuski through through Twitter and wrote this story about her cherishing the ability to start a new job while coping with osteogenesis imperfecta, a brittle bone disease.

Today, a story I wrote about Chandra Illarza appeared on the front of the Sunday News . The York city woman recently quit her job and purchased a house to shelter homeless men.n Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving: The many poses of my free grocery store turkey

A turkey journalist on deadline.

There comes a time in every woman’s life where she must come to grips with the retail gimmicks associated with different holidays.

For me, today was the day. Continue reading