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I’m soooo im-manure: The path of poop at the York Fair

A very hipster-y photo I took of myself pointing at the animal poop truck at the York Fair. Jason Plotkin is standing over the pile, hoping to get a photo of someone dumping a wheelbarrow of crap.

It’s York Fair time, and I have a confession to make.

It pains me to cover annual events without some sort of twisted, scatalogical or bizarre angle being involved.

I develop total ADHD. I get bored. I need a challenge.

I mean, how many times can we seriously cover people eating greasy food while riding rides and petting cows? Continue reading


Taking a spin in the York Daily Record/Sunday News NewsVroom and VISIT ME AT THE YORK FAIR!

On Labor Day, I had drive around in the NewsVroom, a van designed to deliver a hands-on media/news experience for the people of York County.

Have I mentioned I’m the world’s worst driver? Continue reading

Love at the York Fair: Romance blossoms amid the fried and the rides

Originally published in the Living section cover of the York Daily Record/Sunday News on Sunday, Sept. 18, 2011

Daily Record/Sunday News

York, PA – The sign on the ferris wheel at the York Fair says it all:

“No single riders.”

Its black block letters stare down from the chain-link fence, sending a subtle message to lonely hearts arriving at America’s oldest fair without a hand to hold.

To hopeless romantics, it’s the ultimate fair dare: Find love — or something like it. It blossoms here.

And nobody accepts the challenge better than the teen couples, traipsing through the midway beneath the fluorescent moonlight, shamelessly playing tonsil hockey with their hands crisscrossed into each others’ jean pockets. Continue reading