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How do you write an obituary for a cookie?

This photo, provided by Rodney Stauffer, was too grainy to use for print. It's a old Milk Custard box.

This photo, provided by Rodney Stauffer, was too grainy to use for print. It’s a old Milk Custard box.

This might be one of my favorite consumer-y stories I’ve done in a long time.

It started with an email about cookies. People couldn’t find them.

At first, I thought it sounded ridiculous.

It’s a fact of life. Companies discontinue products all the time.

After all, whatever happened to French Toast Crunch or Surge? BuzzFeed has a pretty good list right here.

So, what makes this situation different?

I’m going out on a limb here. No one’s holiday traditions (God. At least I hope not.) are tied to short-lived sugary soft drinks or strange, toast-shaped cereals. Continue reading


YOU VOTE: What West Manchester Mall Tout video should Sean star in?

Sean Adkins is the star of any show. Just watch these Touts.

Sean (It’s pronounced See-Ann) Adkins is the star of any show. Just read this post. Such a ham.

I’ve been covering the West Manchester Mall for about a year now, since it was sold.

Veteran reporter Sean Adkins has been covering it for much longer.

So, before someone executes plans that would turn the mall into a legitimate place, we want to have a little fun. Continue reading

Car wars: The business of booting in downtown York , Pa.

Sure, they’re all over big cities — used by police as a punishment for those who refuse to pay their parking tickets.

But when the boot came to York, people seemed more than confused.

They wondered: Are the police doing this? The parking authority? Continue reading

First try at New Hive: A graphic on BAE Systems and the proposed shutdown of the Bradley Industrial Base


So, it’s 10 p.m., and I really wish I was watching Chicago Fire.

However, I got addicted to New Hive instead. Continue reading

Boyer talks SnapChat, whereabouts for the last two weeks


During a brief hiatus from this blog, I learned about the joys of SnapChatting from my little sister, Casey. She’s 21 and totally hip.

Hello world.

I’m back at it after a couple week hiatus.

What happened during that time, you ask?

(Or maybe you don’t. I often think people are more interested in my shenanigans than they actually are.)

For one, I took the bajillion days off that I had been storing all year long for no particular purpose.

I used the time to experience the culture of the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

I also learned about the SnapChat app from my sister. My life will never be the same.

How it works: You send someone an image, but they can only see it for 10 seconds before it disappears. You can draw on the photo. Give them a mustache. Type a message on top of it. Whatever.

But they can only see it for 10 BLOODY SECONDS.

I don’t get it, but I love it. And I hear it’s what the kids are doing these days. Continue reading

A week of Johnson Controls: Reporting on the York employer’s possible relocation

Future home of Johnson Controls? We'll just wait and see.

Future home of Johnson Controls? We’ll just wait and see.

Last week got pretty wild.

For months, we knew a Fortune 500 company was looking to relocate within York County to Hopewell Township using a tax incentive program that needed approval from the school board, township and commissioners.

If they didn’t get what they needed, they’d likely go to Maryland — or so we’re told.

Not knowing who it was frustrated the hell out of me. Continue reading

Boyer prepares to weather the storm: A list of pro tips for journalists covering Sandy

After I performed the list of tasks below, I wrote this blog while consuming a Grey Goose and orange juice. Gotta load up on Vitamin C before the storm, kids!

Hurricane Sandy is on her way. As a resident of Pennsylvania, I’m following along with the traditional inclement weather protocol of panicking while purchasing bread and milk like it’s the end of the world.

As a journalist, this preparation includes a few extra things.

1. First, I fed the Boyermobile. It was hungry.

Here I am at Rutter’s on Pennsylvania Avenue filling my car with gas and wearing my jammies just because Cost: $48. But it’s necessary.  I’ll probably be out-and-about tomorrow, and if there’s no power I can charge my devices in the car.

2. I stocked up on supplies. Need to keep my glucose up.

Pro tip: Runts, Sour Patch Kids and assorted licorice thingies are crucial to the operation.

3. I loaded up my psychedelic orange gym bag with clothes and deodorant in case I’m stranded somewhere awkward tomorrow and can’t catch a boat to Walmart.

There may or may not be toilet paper in this bag. You can never be too careful.

As you can see, I’m all ready for Sandy. I’m also halfway through my vodka and orange.

I’m going to finish that and get to bed.

Signing off, folks.