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Brickflow: Playing Tetris with tweets!

I was getting kind of bored with Storify.

So, on Friday, I experimented with Brickflow.

This is what my "story" looked like when it was finished.

This is what my “story” looked like when it was finished. Click here to watch the finished slideshow.

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Logos Academy gets a taste of #boyer101, my super fabulous journalism workshop.

  1. I warned the masses about what might be happening circa 10:30 a.m. #boyer101 is serious stuff. I
  2. laurenboyer
    #boyer101 is starting in a few minutes. Going to teach some Logos Academy kids about #digitalfirst #journalism. One will hijack my Twitter.
    Mon, Jun 11 2012 10:16:57
  3. Then the madness began. I gave two other students iPhones and access to my Boyer The Explorer twitter accounts, @laurenboyer101 and @boyer_101. Follow them for future #boyer101 fun. Continue reading

#fatatwork: ideaLab cupcake torture and my new favorite hashtag

Working in a cupcake shop. No big deal … unless you have a sweet tooth.

This week, in #ideaLab mobile reportingland, let’s talk a little about willpower.

On Thursday, I voluntarily decided to work from the oasis of deliciousness known as Macklin’s Cupcakes.

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Anatomy of a Central Market meet-up: Getting outside the office, generating page views

This story begins with my shameless self promotion a few days before the meet-up, both online and in the paper. It’s common sense:

If you want people to see you, you have to let them know where you are.

Here’s the “promo” that ran on ydr.com and in the York Daily Record/Sunday News early last week.


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Showcasing digital skills: My application for Digital First Media’s ideaLab

Applicants for Digital First Media’s ideaLab were asked to submit a 200-word explanation on how they would use a tablet, smartphone and laptop to change the journalism business for the better.
Here’s what I came up with, using Storify:
  1. York, PA — The young multi-platform business journalist choked on her stale newsroom coffee when the boss handed her an iPad and said he didn’t want to see her face in the office.
  2.      Lauren Boyer had only ever read about this phenomenon. But as she watched her colleagues, tethered to desks by spiraling
    landline cords, she finally saw the writing on the cubicle walls, between which
    no news had ever happened.
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