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Brickflow: Playing Tetris with tweets!

I was getting kind of bored with Storify.

So, on Friday, I experimented with Brickflow.

This is what my "story" looked like when it was finished.

This is what my “story” looked like when it was finished. Click here to watch the finished slideshow.

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Flashback Friday: Reporter Sean Adkins, 38, explains social media of the 1990s

Business Reporter Sean Adkins ponders how the world has changed.

Business Reporter Sean Adkins ponders how the world has changed.

Today, someone was making a video for our Teen Takeover staff. Folks around here were asked to share their tips for teen journos.

I was asked to explain what social media was like when I was a kid. Basically it barely existed, I said. (Aside from this gem.)

I shared the question with fellow business reporter Sean Adkins. He’s 38.

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Thanks for the votes, you guys!


This is my “Yay, I won!’ face. It’s the same as my “I’m scared to death on a boogie board.” face.

So, I won the August Tout Bout in the mobile category, taking 37 percent of the vote.

If you voted for me, thanks! You rock! Love ya!

And if you don’t have Tout, you should sign up.

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#Boyer101 invades Martin Library for the Youth Empowerment Summit

On Thursday, I had a special treat.

Some of my last group learning about journalism, and why it's fun and everyone should do it, obviously.

Some of my last group learning about journalism, and why it’s fun and everyone should do it, obviously.

I had the pleasure of speaking with two groups of  young people at Martin Library for the annual Youth Empowerment Summit.

Sponsored by the Harley-Davidson Foundation, the event connects students from the York Homeschool Association and 12 school districts with local professionals and artisans.

I got to speak about journalism, which is pretty rad.

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Twitter archive 2008: Stupid stuff I said back then

I started using Twitter as an intern in 2008 at the Patriot-News.

Since then, apparently, I have tweeted more than 11,000 times.

Now, Twitter is allowing its users to relive the fun of that first time they tried to fit an expression into 140 characters.

I have to admit … I was hesitant to download my Twitter archive.

It felt too much like the time I tried to hunt down the old Xanga page where I’d post angsty rants about my parents with total disregard for the Internet’s public nature.

But I did it. Behold, my first Tweet. If I had known I’d still be looking at these in 2013, I might have said something more intelligent than …

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Boyer talks SnapChat, whereabouts for the last two weeks


During a brief hiatus from this blog, I learned about the joys of SnapChatting from my little sister, Casey. She’s 21 and totally hip.

Hello world.

I’m back at it after a couple week hiatus.

What happened during that time, you ask?

(Or maybe you don’t. I often think people are more interested in my shenanigans than they actually are.)

For one, I took the bajillion days off that I had been storing all year long for no particular purpose.

I used the time to experience the culture of the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

I also learned about the SnapChat app from my sister. My life will never be the same.

How it works: You send someone an image, but they can only see it for 10 seconds before it disappears. You can draw on the photo. Give them a mustache. Type a message on top of it. Whatever.

But they can only see it for 10 BLOODY SECONDS.

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