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Flashback Friday: Reporter Sean Adkins, 38, explains social media of the 1990s

Business Reporter Sean Adkins ponders how the world has changed.

Business Reporter Sean Adkins ponders how the world has changed.

Today, someone was making a video for our Teen Takeover staff. Folks around here were asked to share their tips for teen journos.

I was asked to explain what social media was like when I was a kid. Basically it barely existed, I said. (Aside from this gem.)

I shared the question with fellow business reporter Sean Adkins. He’s 38.

Crap was really in the stone age back then. Continue reading


Co-worker Sean Adkins poses with a cucumber

York Daily Record/Sunday News Business Reporter Sean Adkins poses with a succulent, green vegetable.

Just a slice of life over here at the YDR business pod.

The other day, copy editor Teresa Cook gave me a fresh cucumber plucked from her garden.

Naturally, I figured, I’d use it to harass Sean.

This includes, but is not limited to, putting the elongated veggie in my purse and asking, “Is that a cucumber in my bag, or are you just happy to see me?”

Glad he has a sense of humor.

For another amusing photo of Adkins in action, click here.

Check out ‘Risky Business,’ a Sunday package by Sean Adkins and I


I don’t usually post every story I write on here.

But I think this one is worthy.

Check out this double byline from Sunday, co-authored by Sean Adkins and myself.

The story is the culmination of weeks of research at the York County Judicial Center, tallying up open judgments at the prothonotary’s office and calling folks involved with casing dating back as early as the late 1990s. Continue reading

Co-worker Sean says: Mobile journalists are basically Roaming Gnomes … or something

My co-worker Sean Adkins compared me to the Roaming Gnome last week. If I could move my office to the above location, all would be right with the world.

Throughout my mobile reporting adventures, I’ve taken pictures of my computer and whatever beverage or snack I’m enjoying on-the-job.

It’s my way of saying, “Hey guys. I’m hanging out here.”

I usually post it on the ydr.com facebook page to let people know where to find me.

As usual, my coworker Sean Adkins was making fun of me the other day.

His love of gnomes runs deep.

So, I wasn’t sure whether it was a compliment or an epic diss when he compared my mobile reporting photo sessions to this little guy here. Continue reading

York Daily Record live chat connects woman with $40,000 a year job

I have yet to determine whether the live chats I’m doing every Friday with different businesses are worth my time or not.

But I hate breaking a streak.

So, the other Friday, when I was unable to make chat time, I taught my co-worker Sean Adkins how to use Cover It Live to connect with a local staffing agency. Continue reading