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Boyer the Explorer: I’m going to a ‘pie party’ in rural York County

Some delicious pie I consumed last week.

After visiting a diner in northern York County, I got an email from a reader.

“You should visit our close knit neighborhood in the farm country of Northern York Country,” it said.

Jim Dickey is having a pie party Friday night at his home on Blue Hill School Road. And I’m invited.

What’s a pie party, you ask?

It’s a community gathering in the rural farmlands — one with lots of pies, obviously. Continue reading


Snyder vs. Snyder’s: How this story happened

Hailing from Somerset County. #fatatwork

If you get the chance, check out a story I wrote recently about Snyder’s of Hanover vs. Snyder of Berlin.

It’s kind of random.

You see, York County makes no sense.

We have an East Berlin. But no West Berlin. And no Berlin either.

But if you’re not from this fabulous place, you might get confused.

That’s what happened a couple weeks ago when I got a call from someone suggesting I do a story on the 65th anniversary of Snyder of Berlin. Continue reading

Mobile reporting find: Woman taking leashed rabbit for a walk

Sometimes, I feel like my job title should include “finder-of-weird-shit.”

There was this, when I reported remotely from the mall.

And this.

And this.

Oh, and this, which has remained our No. 1 most visited blog post on York Common Cents for the past two months. Continue reading