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The ‘Source List:’ Using Google Forms to keep track of contacts as a reporter on-the-go

Adios, Word document source lists. Buh-bye, business card binder. Bane of my existence.

So, it took me longer than probably necessary on Wednesday night to put together this Google Form.

But hey — anything that’s worth doing is worth doing right.

You see, I can be messy.

My purse is a the Bermuda Triangle of handbags — a place where business cards get lost forever. Once I’ve jotted down a phone number on a paper notepad, I’ll never find it again once a story’s been filed.

In fact, I currently have a cache of sources listed haphazardly in a Word document on Harris (Brownie points to anyone in journalism who actually knows what Harris is.)

It’s 2012. Time to cut out the paper, I say. Continue reading


Primping for my close-up: New year, new reporter headshot

This is my new reporter mugshot, taken by the lovely Kate Penn, YDR photographer extraordinaire.

I know, I know. I just spent an entire column making fun of executive glamour shots.

But I couldn’t resist taking a new reporter headshot on Thursday after finding out I’d need to send one in for Digital First Media’s ideaLab.

I mean, really? What’s a girl to do?

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Showcasing digital skills: My application for Digital First Media’s ideaLab

Applicants for Digital First Media’s ideaLab were asked to submit a 200-word explanation on how they would use a tablet, smartphone and laptop to change the journalism business for the better.
Here’s what I came up with, using Storify:
  1. York, PA — The young multi-platform business journalist choked on her stale newsroom coffee when the boss handed her an iPad and said he didn’t want to see her face in the office.
  2.      Lauren Boyer had only ever read about this phenomenon. But as she watched her colleagues, tethered to desks by spiraling
    landline cords, she finally saw the writing on the cubicle walls, between which
    no news had ever happened.
    With vigor, she set off in search of stories (and, if luck would have it, a tastier cup of joe.) Continue reading