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Finally, Lauren learns how to shoot video that doesn’t get cut off in Brightcove!

The guys from the new event, White Rose Thunder, invited the media out Thursday for a flat track racing demonstration at the York Fairgrounds.

I’ve written about the event before, at least twice, so I figured I’d do a video with a QR code for print, since I figured motorcycles whizzing around a dry dirt track has to show up great on camera. Continue reading


Mapping social reactions to the York Galleria mall cockroach infestation: I’m multi-platform, yo.

This is the closed food court, caution tape and all. My editor, Cathy Hirko, noticed I’m getting a little artsy fartsy with my iPhone photos.

The other day, I posted about Gathering Point, this neat tool you can use to make social maps that update in realtime to complement stories.

On Tuesday, I had the perfect opportunity to see it in action: A cockroach infestation that closed the food court at the York Galleria mall.

On a side note, that day, I pretty much almost crashed my car on Rt. 30.

En route to the mall, I had my notepad pinned against the steering wheel while I took notes from Department of Agriculture spokeswoman Samantha Krepps. Continue reading

Mobile reporting find: Woman taking leashed rabbit for a walk

Sometimes, I feel like my job title should include “finder-of-weird-shit.”

There was this, when I reported remotely from the mall.

And this.

And this.

Oh, and this, which has remained our No. 1 most visited blog post on York Common Cents for the past two months. Continue reading

Journalistic branding: A personal intro to my York Daily Record videos

I’ve been doing lots of lighthearted videos lately, like this one about the ‘search for swag’ — freebies at the county’s business expo.

Many of them come out of things I see while out and about for my ideaLab mobile reporting project.

Photographer Jason Plotkin had recently made a video intro for another reporter and offered to do the same for me. Continue reading

Boyer Investigates: A search for swag at the York County Business Expo

This blog post should also be called, “Why I will never be a TV reporter.”

The other day, my editor instructed me to report from the York County Economic Alliance Business Expo. Continue reading

Using a York County convenience store as my “office” and my first big #ideaLab lesson

I’m a firm believer that when you tell someone you’re going to do something — YOU DO IT.

That’s why this last ideaLab mobile reporting day was a bump in the road.

But it’s OK. Continue reading

The ‘Source List:’ Using Google Forms to keep track of contacts as a reporter on-the-go

Adios, Word document source lists. Buh-bye, business card binder. Bane of my existence.

So, it took me longer than probably necessary on Wednesday night to put together this Google Form.

But hey — anything that’s worth doing is worth doing right.

You see, I can be messy.

My purse is a the Bermuda Triangle of handbags — a place where business cards get lost forever. Once I’ve jotted down a phone number on a paper notepad, I’ll never find it again once a story’s been filed.

In fact, I currently have a cache of sources listed haphazardly in a Word document on Harris (Brownie points to anyone in journalism who actually knows what Harris is.)

It’s 2012. Time to cut out the paper, I say. Continue reading