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Finally, Lauren learns how to shoot video that doesn’t get cut off in Brightcove!

The guys from the new event, White Rose Thunder, invited the media out Thursday for a flat track racing demonstration at the York Fairgrounds.

I’ve written about the event before, at least twice, so I figured I’d do a video with a QR code for print, since I figured motorcycles whizzing around a dry dirt track has to show up great on camera. Continue reading


Mapping social reactions to the York Galleria mall cockroach infestation: I’m multi-platform, yo.

This is the closed food court, caution tape and all. My editor, Cathy Hirko, noticed I’m getting a little artsy fartsy with my iPhone photos.

The other day, I posted about Gathering Point, this neat tool you can use to make social maps that update in realtime to complement stories.

On Tuesday, I had the perfect opportunity to see it in action: A cockroach infestation that closed the food court at the York Galleria mall.

On a side note, that day, I pretty much almost crashed my car on Rt. 30.

En route to the mall, I had my notepad pinned against the steering wheel while I took notes from Department of Agriculture spokeswoman Samantha Krepps. Continue reading

Mobile reporting find: Woman taking leashed rabbit for a walk

Sometimes, I feel like my job title should include “finder-of-weird-shit.”

There was this, when I reported remotely from the mall.

And this.

And this.

Oh, and this, which has remained our No. 1 most visited blog post on York Common Cents for the past two months. Continue reading

Journalistic branding: A personal intro to my York Daily Record videos

I’ve been doing lots of lighthearted videos lately, like this one about the ‘search for swag’ — freebies at the county’s business expo.

Many of them come out of things I see while out and about for my ideaLab mobile reporting project.

Photographer Jason Plotkin had recently made a video intro for another reporter and offered to do the same for me. Continue reading

In politics, there are “winners and losers” and YDR videos that take REALLY long to make

A few months ago, Sunday Editor Scott Blanchard had this idea to make me the York Daily Record‘s Jeanne Moos, starring in news video spoofs like this one, for example.

At first, I didn’t know who she was.

(I don’t really watch TV. True story.) Continue reading

Boyer Investigates: A search for swag at the York County Business Expo

This blog post should also be called, “Why I will never be a TV reporter.”

The other day, my editor instructed me to report from the York County Economic Alliance Business Expo. Continue reading