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Boyer after hours: Halloween adventures at the Hex House. Also, I stubbed my toe in a cemetery.

A Boyer family Halloween circa 1992. I have gangrene on my face, and my sister Casey, the provider of this photo, looks like one miserable pumpkin. Those were the good old days. ©

I love ghost stories. In fact, I dedicated an Sunday enterprise piece to a few local ghost hunters and the business that could be brought to several in-need historic sites, if they only marketed themselves as “haunted.”

Last night, the partner-in-crime and I had tickets for a historic ghost tour of downtown York. I couldn’t wait.

When we got there, the tour was, more or less, a history lesson with a few “…and this place might be haunted” statements tossed in. Continue reading


Got ghosts? Check out my story on a York County paranormal investigation team

Me, hanging out at an ‘engineering’ session with In the Midst of Ghosts earlier this year. Read about it here.

If you get the chance, head over to ydr.com and check out my story on a group of local ghost hunters.

This was one of those parts of my job that don’t feel like work.

In January, I went on a few nighttime adventures with this enthusiastic trio at the Goodridge House, the John Wright Restaurant and the Wrightsville House.  Continue reading

SNAPSHOT: An early morning hangout with some paranormal consultants

Somehow, I always end up with photos of myself reporting.

York Daily Record/Sunday News photographer Chris Dunn (You can check out her blog here.) took this photo of me hanging out with a group of paranormal consultants at the end of January. It was an early morning. Note the Dunkin Donuts coffee mug on the floor.

I’m working on a story for an upcoming Sunday that involves hanging out with this eccentric trio and learning about what they do. Truthfully, it doesn’t feel like work at all.

In Chris’ photo, I’m wearing 50-year-old headphones and listening to audio footage from a recent investigation in which I followed the group. We’re honing in on electronic voice phenomena — disembodied ghost voices caught on tape.

Keep a look out for the story!