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The complaint department: A local example of social media’s impact on patron-business interaction

Originally published on the Money & More cover of the York Daily Record/Sunday News on Sunday, February 5, 2012.

***I found this story while trolling on Twitter last weekend. Some seemed shocked at the interaction that appeared on their Facebook newsfeed. I decided to pursue it as a local example of a situation that plagues business across the country.

Daily Record/Sunday News

Joyce Salazar was washing bar dishes last weekend when a frustrated group mistakenly identified her as a member of the waitstaff.

That’s when the owner of La Casa De Tapas, which opened last year, said she swallowed a profanity-laced insult from a member of the party, frustrated that a table wasn’t available on that busy Saturday night. They had made a reservation, she said, earlier that day.

Salazar made some space at the bar. She offered them complimentary drinks and tapas – small Spanish, Peruvian and Mediterranean dishes – while they waited.

Nothing, she said, seemed to calm them down. Continue reading