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That time I visited a place where no one knew what the York Daily Record was … and it’s OK

Fruit cup + toast + computer + Hootsuite = love.

I got some good feedback from my column today, which focused on my travels Thursday through northern York County, a place that doesn’t get much attention from our paper.

So far, it inspired one couple to invite me to their a “pie party” next week in the rural farmlands of northern York county. More on that later.

I just wanted to add a few tidbits of awesomeness from yesterday, despite the annoying fact that no one intentionally stopped by to share a story idea.

But hey, it happens sometimes — even when you promote the crap out of yourself. Continue reading


More folks are catching on … meeting some cool people through my ideaLab ‘mobile reporter’ project

Here’s something super cool.

A poorly executed iPhone photo by yours truly. But thanks anyway to Courtney Shumway and Jay Taylor for showing up! You guys rock.

I’m starting to get more unique visitors when I work at places around the community for my ideaLab project.

I’m also meeting more random people that just start talking to me, because I’m that weirdo sitting at a coffee counter on my laptop.

That’s kind of the objective of this, you guys.

Sure beats staring at Sean Adkins all day.

A few weeks ago it was a woman with a local church. Continue reading

Journalism After Hours: Latenight diner shenanigans in York

A happy amalgamation of ice cream, waffles, cherries, syrup and whipped cream. Also totally not on the menu.

This photo pretty much sums up my weekend:

Diabetes on a plate. Topped with syrup.

It’s an a la carte specialty ordered by a partner-in-crime circa 3 a.m. at Round The Clock Diner on Route 30.

(I had been to this very diner at a much more appropriate hour for my pre-ideaLab mobile reporting.)

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