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My weekend is better than your weekend: A Tout story

ydrtoutersIn an effort to help everyone in the newsroom understand the storytelling potential of Tout, there was a newsroom wide “Tout Your Weekend” contest that ended today.

What is Tout?

It’s a video-sharing platform that allows you to capture 15-second status updates that post through Twitter and Facebook.

It also allows you to pause the video and switch frames, so you don’t have to use an editor. Continue reading


Boyer talks SnapChat, whereabouts for the last two weeks


During a brief hiatus from this blog, I learned about the joys of SnapChatting from my little sister, Casey. She’s 21 and totally hip.

Hello world.

I’m back at it after a couple week hiatus.

What happened during that time, you ask?

(Or maybe you don’t. I often think people are more interested in my shenanigans than they actually are.)

For one, I took the bajillion days off that I had been storing all year long for no particular purpose.

I used the time to experience the culture of the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

I also learned about the SnapChat app from my sister. My life will never be the same.

How it works: You send someone an image, but they can only see it for 10 seconds before it disappears. You can draw on the photo. Give them a mustache. Type a message on top of it. Whatever.

But they can only see it for 10 BLOODY SECONDS.

I don’t get it, but I love it. And I hear it’s what the kids are doing these days. Continue reading

Meet Haley, my high school journalism job shadow from Spring Grove Area High School

I had a newsroom buddy today. Meet Haley Staub, 16, of Spring Grove aka @tarhelgrl50 on Twitter.

Well, today was tons of fun. (So was Friday, and the pie party, but I’ll get to that in another post.)

A Spring Grove Area High School junior from our Teen Takeover staff hung out with me all day for part of her graduation project.

She decided to shadow me after attending my #boyer101 session earlier this year. My presentation, apparently, hadn’t scared her off.

Here’s how the day went down: Continue reading

Something I learned: How to make sure your tweets show up on location-based maps like Gathering Point

So, I was starting to get mega POed, because my tweets weren’t showing up on these  Gathering Point maps folks are starting to make at the office.

I felt left out.

I went to the Location Services tab in the Settings app on my iPhone and thought I activated the Twitter switch:


Alas, my tweets were still lost in an abyss. Continue reading

York Daily Record live chat connects woman with $40,000 a year job

I have yet to determine whether the live chats I’m doing every Friday with different businesses are worth my time or not.

But I hate breaking a streak.

So, the other Friday, when I was unable to make chat time, I taught my co-worker Sean Adkins how to use Cover It Live to connect with a local staffing agency. Continue reading

Notability for iPad: Why it freakin’ rocks for reporters on the go

As I’ve previously divulged, I lose things.

This includes, but is not limited to: my phone, car keys, and my head, if it wasn’t attached.

Back when I first got my iPad, I did some creeping around for good note-taking apps. I didn’t to pitch the paper pad.

Thus, I found Notability. It seemed cool. I liked the idea of syncing audio with writing.

The app burned a hole in my iPad, until I tested it out this week using a $13 stylus I bought at Walmart . Below, I took notes on a mobile reporting adventure through the York Galleria Mall food court, where I graced the elderly mall walkers with my presence (blog to come, on that adventure).

Here's an iPad screenshot of the Notability interface. Here, I used the app, in lieu of paper, to interview a mall walker scared of being in York city at night.

Continue reading