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Liveblogging the ‘pie party’ and other assorted random weekend shenanigans

Because I’m ridiculous …

And because I overestimate the interest in my random adventures …

And because I want practice liveblogging, so I’m not like “Um, how the heck do I use this?” when I have to do it for breaking news …

I’m liveblogging the rural ‘pie party’ extravaganza I’m going to around 7 p.m. Click here on our York Common Cents blog for updates, if you care.

Feel free to chime in with a comment and annoy me. Continue reading


Finally, Lauren learns how to shoot video that doesn’t get cut off in Brightcove!

The guys from the new event, White Rose Thunder, invited the media out Thursday for a flat track racing demonstration at the York Fairgrounds.

I’ve written about the event before, at least twice, so I figured I’d do a video with a QR code for print, since I figured motorcycles whizzing around a dry dirt track has to show up great on camera. Continue reading

THIS IS A TEST: Cover It Live’s new pricing plan has me paranoid

So,  I use Cover It Live A LOT.

Why you charge money nowwwww?

I know I’m late to the party, but what gives?

No warning on the new pricing plan? I sure as heck hope this doesn’t mess with my live chat tomorrow.

I’ll be miffed, you guys.

So I’m testing the chat out here on my blog to see what happens. If I can’t enter as a chatter on the live event, I think I’m in trouble.

(I can find an alternative by next week, but not by tomorrow.)

Let’s see what happens. Continue reading

Notability for iPad: Why it freakin’ rocks for reporters on the go

As I’ve previously divulged, I lose things.

This includes, but is not limited to: my phone, car keys, and my head, if it wasn’t attached.

Back when I first got my iPad, I did some creeping around for good note-taking apps. I didn’t to pitch the paper pad.

Thus, I found Notability. It seemed cool. I liked the idea of syncing audio with writing.

The app burned a hole in my iPad, until I tested it out this week using a $13 stylus I bought at Walmart . Below, I took notes on a mobile reporting adventure through the York Galleria Mall food court, where I graced the elderly mall walkers with my presence (blog to come, on that adventure).

Here's an iPad screenshot of the Notability interface. Here, I used the app, in lieu of paper, to interview a mall walker scared of being in York city at night.

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