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Of parrots and pancake breakfasts: My Saturday working night cops

This is me and fellow business reporter Stephanie Reighart being awesome.

This is me and fellow business reporter Stephanie Reighart being awesome.

I spent Saturday morning hanging out with my coworkers, the NewsVroom and a man dressed as Santa Claus at the Boy Scout Troop 94 pancake breakfast in the Shiloh Fire Hall.

Trust me, anyone who was anyone and was on social media between 7 a.m. and noon that day knew without a shadow of a doubt that A PANCAKE BREAKFAST WAS GOING ON.

Why? Because we covered the crap out of it using ScribbleLive.

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A week of Johnson Controls: Reporting on the York employer’s possible relocation

Future home of Johnson Controls? We'll just wait and see.

Future home of Johnson Controls? We’ll just wait and see.

Last week got pretty wild.

For months, we knew a Fortune 500 company was looking to relocate within York County to Hopewell Township using a tax incentive program that needed approval from the school board, township and commissioners.

If they didn’t get what they needed, they’d likely go to Maryland — or so we’re told.

Not knowing who it was frustrated the hell out of me. Continue reading

From iPhone photo, to online, to print: Royal Farms chicken takes a tumble

A large chicken takes a tumble.

So, this is a first.

I was working this Saturday, and all hell broke loose with the weather.

I was driving back to the office from lunch when a monsoon erupted.

I called my editor and asked if I should get a photo of something going on to post with a web update.

The rain. People hating the rain. Whatever.

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Mapping social reactions to the York Galleria mall cockroach infestation: I’m multi-platform, yo.

This is the closed food court, caution tape and all. My editor, Cathy Hirko, noticed I’m getting a little artsy fartsy with my iPhone photos.

The other day, I posted about Gathering Point, this neat tool you can use to make social maps that update in realtime to complement stories.

On Tuesday, I had the perfect opportunity to see it in action: A cockroach infestation that closed the food court at the York Galleria mall.

On a side note, that day, I pretty much almost crashed my car on Rt. 30.

En route to the mall, I had my notepad pinned against the steering wheel while I took notes from Department of Agriculture spokeswoman Samantha Krepps. Continue reading

‘Occupy’ movement comes to York, led by ‘spirit fingers’

Originally published on Page A1 of the York Daily Record/Sunday News on Thursday, October 13, 2011.

***Here’s what Sunday editor Scott Blanchard said about this article in his blog, YDR Storytelling: “This piece could have been dry; it’s anything but”

Daily Record/Sunday News

They raised their arms, and wiggled their fingers — their “spirit fingers,” if

Those present at Occupy York's first meeting used jazz hands to show their agreement with decisions being made.© 2011 York Daily Record/Sunday News -- Lauren Boyer

you will.

That’s protester hand-speak for “I agree.”

And with that gesture — coveted by cheerleading squads — the national Occupy Wall Street movement arrived in York Wednesday night, welcomed by more than 50 people gathered in the United Auto Workers hall in West Manchester Township. Continue reading