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A week of Johnson Controls: Reporting on the York employer’s possible relocation

Future home of Johnson Controls? We'll just wait and see.

Future home of Johnson Controls? We’ll just wait and see.

Last week got pretty wild.

For months, we knew a Fortune 500 company was looking to relocate within York County to Hopewell Township using a tax incentive program that needed approval from the school board, township and commissioners.

If they didn’t get what they needed, they’d likely go to Maryland — or so we’re told.

Not knowing who it was frustrated the hell out of me. Continue reading


Check out ‘Risky Business,’ a Sunday package by Sean Adkins and I


I don’t usually post every story I write on here.

But I think this one is worthy.

Check out this double byline from Sunday, co-authored by Sean Adkins and myself.

The story is the culmination of weeks of research at the York County Judicial Center, tallying up open judgments at the prothonotary’s office and calling folks involved with casing dating back as early as the late 1990s. Continue reading