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Liveblogging the ‘pie party’ and other assorted random weekend shenanigans

Because I’m ridiculous …

And because I overestimate the interest in my random adventures …

And because I want practice liveblogging, so I’m not like “Um, how the heck do I use this?” when I have to do it for breaking news …

I’m liveblogging the rural ‘pie party’ extravaganza I’m going to around 7 p.m. Click here on our York Common Cents blog for updates, if you care.

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If you tell them, they will come: Visit to Panera ‘office hours’ in York yields hyperlocal business column

Meet Jeanne Walton, a cool lacrosse mom and eighth grade science teacher who stopped by Panera to visit me Tuesday.


So it’s not a mall teeming with cockroaches or a trip to check out kinky gadgets in the adult store.

But I did end up with a column every sports mom or dad can relate to today when Jeanne Walton stopped by to see me at Panera in West Manchester Township.

The story goes a little something like this:

Kid plays sport.

Kid does really well at sport and qualifies for national tournament.

Parents rejoice — until they see the price tag.

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The HoodiePillow: A product of York County manufacturing and my amusement for the week

BOYER IN ACTION: Testing out the HoodiePillow at Dallco Industries in York.

There are some stories you have to jump on, both literally and figuratively.

That’s just what I did when a press release from Dallco Industries came across my desk Friday.

As a manufacturing reporter, I hadn’t been so amused since a pharmaceutical company announced it was opening a distribution center for lube (of the medical variety, perv!) in the county.

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New home among community bloggers on

Have trouble remembering my ever-so-complicated URL?

No worries.

Now, if you get the hankering to read about some of my ideaLab adventures, you can go straight to , the York Daily Record/Sunday News blog site, scroll down to In The News, and find yours truly.

See logo at right.

Also, you should check out York Common Cents while you’re there.

It’s a pretty awesome blog, too.

But I’m biased.

In case you missed it … A YDR Insider Q&A with yours truly

Can’t get enough of me?

Check out this Q&A in the York Daily Record’s YDR Insider blog.

The blog itself is where we discuss cool stuff, like what’s going on inside the newsroom.

In this post, I examine tidbits of my oh-so-exciting existence, including the time I got meningitis and the future of journalism.

Read it.

That is all.

Stoopin’ in the city: No one is safe from the Boyer CreeperCam

Tis the season to be stoopin'! I snagged this gem with my iPhone and posted it on's York City Limits blog.

To be clear, I have never in my life owned an iPhone.

So, when I was chosen for Digital First Media’s ideaLab team, I was thrilled with the prospect of having a high quality digital camera (as well as the Twitters) at my disposal at all times. Continue reading

SNAPSHOT: An early morning hangout with some paranormal consultants

Somehow, I always end up with photos of myself reporting.

York Daily Record/Sunday News photographer Chris Dunn (You can check out her blog here.) took this photo of me hanging out with a group of paranormal consultants at the end of January. It was an early morning. Note the Dunkin Donuts coffee mug on the floor.

I’m working on a story for an upcoming Sunday that involves hanging out with this eccentric trio and learning about what they do. Truthfully, it doesn’t feel like work at all.

In Chris’ photo, I’m wearing 50-year-old headphones and listening to audio footage from a recent investigation in which I followed the group. We’re honing in on electronic voice phenomena — disembodied ghost voices caught on tape.

Keep a look out for the story!