There are perks to any career.

For some, it’s the free donuts in the break room. For others, it’s the Christmas bonus.

For me, it’s having a professional photographer in tow to capture those special moments in life when I’m wading through filth at the city dump or waiting for the fire chief at the scene of a smoldering house.

Reporters love photos of themselves reporting. I am no exception.

An interview with a Dinosaur

An interview with a dinosaur at ‘Discover the Dinosaurs’ at the York Expo Center in February 2013. (York Daily Record — Chris Dunn)

Testing out the HoodiePillow pillowcase, manufactured by Dallco Industries in York. (York Daily Record — Paul Kuehnel)

This is a revised reporter headshot taken March 22, 2012. It’s also one of the few pictures where, arguably, I appear normal. Click here to read about the marathon hair-straightening session that ensued beforehand. (York Daily Record — Kate Penn)

When you’re a manufacturing reporter, every factory is your playground. I couldn’t resist when the CEO of Maine Industrial Tire in Red Lion, York County, insisted I pose with this 80-inch-diameter tire in February 2012. (York Daily Record — Paul Kuehnel)

The lede of this January 2010 story started like this: “If a car crashes into a telephone pole in Newburg, does it make a sound?” A photographer and I were sent out to Newburg, Cumberland County, a rural town contemplating street security cameras. (Patriot-News — Ann Foster)

Here I am in June 2011 at Modern Landfill’s site in Windsor Township, York County, learning about the new ‘transcyclery’ — a place where recyclables are stored before being processed and sold as commodities. (York Daily Record — Jason Plotkin)

In 2009, I interned with the Pennsylvania Legislative Correspondents’ Association, the oldest state capitol press corps in the country. Here I am — top right — interviewing then-Gov. Ed Rendell about the longest budget impasse in state history. (Associated Press)

When the York Galleria mall opened a BungeeZoom business, I knew I had to write a story — and test it out, of course. This photographer edited my favorite hashtag into the picture. (York Daily Record — Chris Dunn)

I waited in line with some toddlers to test the Russian ice slide at State College borough’s First Night celebration in December 2010. (Centre Daily Times — Craig Houtz)