Attempting to lure ‘American Pickers’ to York County through social media

  1. The adventure through Gary Richardson’s family farm began with a dual-seater outhouse — the loveseat of latrines.
    “If that’s not the end of romance,” Boyer said to herself, “I don’t know what is…”
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    Mon, Apr 02 2012 15:30:18
  3. Two seats. Who knew? Maybe Mike and Frank do.
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    Two-seater old outhouse so no one gets lonely while on the pot in #YorkPA ! @americanpickers
    Wed, Mar 28 2012 12:33:37
  5. Just when she had lost hope, the young reporter found JESUS. An antique, hand-carved figure salvaged from a church on Market Street in York.
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    Hey Frank and Mike, want this wooden, hand carved Jesus? Crazzzzzy stuff in #YorkPA ! @ydrcom #iloveyorkcity
    Wed, Mar 28 2012 12:25:07
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    Following @laurenboyer as she searches through junk in York. So cool!
    Wed, Mar 28 2012 12:21:24
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    Creeping around here, @americanpickers . Check it ou! #YorkPA
    Wed, Mar 28 2012 12:04:23
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    @laurenboyer Old bottles were once thrown away into old outhouse holes. #FYI
    Wed, Mar 28 2012 13:14:09
  10. She tried to pick the ‘Pickers’ brains, to no avail. So she tried to tempt them with more cool tchotchkes on the 22-acre estate, formerly occupied by Gary’s aunt and uncle, Merian and Paul Fisher, who died one day apart in November 2011.
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    Columbia bicycle circa 1950s in #YorkPA at the Fisher estate. Come to #YorkPA , @americanpickers !
    Wed, Mar 28 2012 12:10:40
  12. Her tour guides hailed from Glades Auction, a York-based group that really knows their stuff.
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    Glades Auction is the oldest auction house in Pennsylvania. They say @americanpickers should come here! #YorkPA
    Wed, Mar 28 2012 12:14:34
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    Exploring this old farm house in #YorkPA with Glades Auction, oldest auction house in Pa. @americanpickers #YorkPA
    Wed, Mar 28 2012 12:35:22
  15. The iPad didn’t do so well taking pictures in the dark. Ergo, she ventured on.
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    1920s wooden golf clubs in #YorkPA ! @americanpickers
    Wed, Mar 28 2012 12:23:06
  17. Gary’s aunt and uncle met in Central Market, another place steeped in York County history. Merian owned a flower stand. Here is the truck she used to transport her goods into the city.
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    Flower truck Gary Richardson’s aunt used in the 1960s to bring flowers to @centralmktyork ! @americanpickers #YorkPA
    Wed, Mar 28 2012 12:28:35
  19. Gary is one of the coolest 66-year-olds around. He retired locally from York International, now Johnson Controls, after 42 years in the manufacturing plant.
    He’s also, evidently, quite camera shy.
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    . @americanpickers should meet Gary Richardson of #YorkPA ! Cool old junk on his estates farm.
    Wed, Mar 28 2012 12:31:04
  21. Sometimes a pot is just a pot. Other times it’s not.
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    Pickling crocks, some manufactured locally in #YorkPA by #Pfaltzgraff ! circa 1900 @americanpickers , interested yet?!
    Wed, Mar 28 2012 12:40:09
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    Isn’t this junk-filled wrap around porch, circa 1900 tempting, @americanpickers ? Get your butts to #YorkPA ! @ydrcom
    Wed, Mar 28 2012 12:42:01
  24. Extra! Extra!
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    WW2 newspapers #partylikeajournalist
    Wed, Mar 28 2012 12:59:04
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    Gary’s aunt Miriam was a seamstress who kept books for John H Meyers lumberyard in #YorkPA @americanpickers @ydrcom
    Wed, Mar 28 2012 12:53:49
  27. Fellow junk lovers agreed: These were some sweet digs.
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    The old radio is really cool RT @laurenboyer: 360 Pano of the #YorkPA living room! @americanpickers
    Wed, Mar 28 2012 12:51:32
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    A secretary’s guidebook. #ephemera #YorkPA @americanpickers
    Wed, Mar 28 2012 12:56:15
  30. Sadly, the ‘Pickers’ didn’t tweet back.
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    My final photo @americanpickers . If that pile o shtuff doesn’t convince you to visit #YorkPA , what will?
    Wed, Mar 28 2012 13:13:26

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