Brickflow: Playing Tetris with tweets!

I was getting kind of bored with Storify.

So, on Friday, I experimented with Brickflow.

This is what my "story" looked like when it was finished.

This is what my “story” looked like when it was finished. Click here to watch the finished slideshow.

It’s basically a slideshow form of Storify that lets you search a hashtag and curate your tweets, Instagrams, videos, tumblr posts, etc into a fun little embeddable slideshow.

(Sorry, I use a cheapo version of WordPress that won’t actually allow me to embed it here.)

Each item you want to curate can be dragged and dropped like tiles into a cinematic experience . Similar to Storify, you can break the elements up using blocks of text, too.

It’s like playing Tetris with tweets!

Here’s what the interface looks like:


The most obvious thing to “brick” together today was the inclement weather.

To watch my curation about “Snow in #iloveyorkcity,” click here.

(TEASER: That new card game everyone loves, Cards Against Humanity, makes a cameo at the end.)

Brickflow is a little buggy, and I kept having problems logging in with my Facebook account and finding the story after I had created it.

Not sure if that’s an issue with Chrome or what.

But, overall, it was pretty cool.

I might consider using it to liven up my next live-tweeting extravaganza.


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