I met an awesome WWE-loving pastor in McDonald’s the other day

Here is Pastor James hanging out in the background of my Tout video.

Here is Pastor James hanging out in the background of my Tout video.

On Monday, I went to McDonald’s in Springettsbury Township to get some work done.

They say news doesn’t walk by your desk, and this particular fast food establishment has had plenty of action in the last year.

Seemed like a good choice.

I got my coffee, sat down in a cushy chair and ignored the fact that people were obviously staring at me for being that dressed-up weirdo on a laptop in McDonald’s.

I was taking this ridiculous Tout video of myself  when a kind pastor sitting across from me asked if I was doing a podcast.

Nope, I explained. Just taping myself being stupid. On Tout.

And, ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.



Because this man of the cloth loves something you might not expect.

He likes WWE, and WWE likes to Tout. A lot.

Oh, and did I mention he went to Wrestlemania in New York this year?

He favors Bret Hart and CM Punk, in case you were wondering.

In fact, 30-year-old James Copulos is a pretty cool guy. Just check out his YouTube channel.

“People can say a lot of things about me,” he said, “but boring is not one of them.”

James lives in Wrightsville with his wife and two kids. He is the pastor for Wrightsville Hope, a Methodist congregation of 130 with two campuses on Locust and Hellam streets.

We got to talking, and he told me more about his path to Christianity.

He grew up part Jewish, part atheist and became a Christian when he was 18.

“I gave my life to Christ and the next day I went to college,” he said, adding that he chose the Methodist denomination while studying criminal justice at Penn State Altoona.

Originally, he wanted to be a lawyer. In his sophomore year, he decided he wanted to do something more with his life and asked a pastor of a local church for the opportunity to preach.

And that was that.

Nowadays, James visits that McDonald’s once a week, or so, to get work done.

Like me, he isn’t a fan of the typical office setting.

That particular day, he was writing on a Sunday sermon about “being humble.”

It got me thinking about social media and how it kind of isn’t.

It isn’t humble.

Everyday, I go on Facebook to hundreds of vain posts.

“I ran 10 miles. I’m so freakin’ cool.”

“My kid used the potty today. What did YOUR kid do?”

“Here’s a picture of something super expensive and unnecessary that I just bought.”

And the selfies.

What’s more vain than a selfie?

I’m guilty of it all, too.

I asked James for his religious stance on social media, and he looked at me kind of weird.

He likes it. He thinks it’s a good thing, and wants to become more active in using the latest tools to engage his congregation.

I guess, like anything, it can be used for good or for evil.



5 responses to “I met an awesome WWE-loving pastor in McDonald’s the other day

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  2. Love it! Sometimes we forget about the people we can meet simply out in the open. This is a great reminder and a well written blog.

  3. Wow, thanks for the awesome write-up Lauren! It was great meeting you too. I hope you’re having a blessed winter and surviving the snow. You’re always welcome to come and visit the Methodists in Wrightsville any time.

    Jim Copulos

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