Car wars: The business of booting in downtown York , Pa.

Sure, they’re all over big cities — used by police as a punishment for those who refuse to pay their parking tickets.

But when the boot came to York, people seemed more than confused.

They wondered: Are the police doing this? The parking authority?

Booted car photos were all over Twitter, and I wanted to meet the people behind the yellow, metal clamps.

I asked court reporter Rick Lee to slip the booting company my card on his way to the courthouse.

Sure enough, I got a call back.

And that’s what makes this an interesting business story.

When the city banned predatory towing, Brandon Marquette sought to fill a void.

The 31-year-old entrepreneur started a private booting company, which services lots on a 45-minute route, booting cars parked where they shouldn’t be.

For a $75 fee, his three-man caravan will remove the boot.

Sounds pretty simple, right?

And it’s a saving grace for many businesses downtown — looking for a last resort to keep problem parkers from hogging spots reserved for customers.

But, according to York city officials, the boot might get the boot at a future council meeting.

Should be an interesting one to watch. A

Also, speaking of boots, Harley let me borrow these fancy steel toes when I visited their plant last week wearing sparkly heels. Pretty nice, huh?

photo (1)


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