Hot for tots: A story that finally happened


Designer tots at the Left Bank in York, Pa.

I wrote a story about tater tots the other week, just because.

Philip Given, who is mentioned in the story, suggested the tot angle months ago.

Naturally, I love weird stories. I, too, experienced the hipster tot phenomena on recent trip to DC, where we ate at Sticky Rice.

At the time, I had a hard time justifying the tot trend locally. I couldn’t find a fine dining establishment in York County selling the fried hashbrown treats.

Last month, the Left Bank put a variation of the cafeteria staple on the menu, complete with smoked salmon and rich cheeses.

So, the story had  to happen, complete with a Napoleon Dynamite sidebar.

When I called the Burning Bridge in Wrightsville, the man who answered the phone actually thought my inquiry about tots was a prank phone call.

Oh well.

I’m basically used to it by now.


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