That time I drove a tractor-trailer

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Last week, I drove a tractor-trailer at DCS School of Driving in York.

The column I wrote following the experience ended up on the Facebook page of Overdrive Magazine, a publication for those in the industry.

Since then, I’ve gotten a few emails and calls from truckers who appreciated my attempts to understand everything that goes into driving a big rig.

One of those emails came from “Joe Greco AKA An Old Trucker.”

He wrote:  “I’ve been driving a truck for over 45 years and over and over I hear about people complaining about “us trucks” always being in the way and taking up too much of any road we’re on. It’s not that we’re doing it to get in the way. We’re doing it to get out of the way… There isn’t a truck on the road that is “in the way” for any other reason other than to do his job and move the freight that keeps this country alive.”

The other email came from a Larry Schuff out of Lincoln, Nebraska.

He wrote:  “Thank you. Now you understand why we go sooooo slooooowwww sometimes. And just remember, you got a teeny tiny slice of the over 119,000 miles I do every year for the past 27 years. Again, thank you for taking the time to try to gain an understanding of a subject that you were aware you knew nothing about.”

Thanks for reading, you guys!


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