5 responses to “HersheyBulldog16 returns: The scramble to delete my angsty Xanga page

  1. Lauren,
    Love this article. My old Xanga is still around too, and I’m a little ashamed of what I wrote back then, but subsequent screenname changes have distanced the account from my online persona for many years. Regardless, sometimes it’s fun to just surf over to my old hauntings online and see the perverbial elephant graveyard that was my blogs from ages 15 to 20.
    Ryan Ramos

    • Haha! I feel kind of guilty for not printing them out. They were just soo…angry.

      Mine probably wouldn’t have been discovered by a potential employer or anything. It was just plain rude to my poor parents.

  2. I kept a xanga all four years of college, then quick deleted it in a panic when I graduated and started applying for jobs. I CRINGE thinking of half the stuff I put up there (yep, lots about frats) but also deeply regret not saving some of the more special stuff.

    It’s so weird thinking about logging on to a ghost town AIM. Creepy.

    PS, hi, love your blog (popped up on my facebook via Tiffany Iriana… Thanks Tiffo!) and will be sticking around!

    • Haha! Thanks 🙂

      I really should I have read through the entries, but the first one just made me sick to my stomach. Why did we think it was OK to write that stuff on the internet?!?

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