Of Farquhars and fasnachts: A man-on-the-street spelling bee video in York County

To watch this hard hitting documentary, click here.

To watch the video, click here.

In fourth grade, I won a spelling bee by correctly spelling the word “embarrassment.”

On Tuesday, I brought new meaning to that same word as I trolled the aisles of Central Market York looking for people to accost for this video.

You see, the Scripps National Spelling Bee was last week.

After great feedback on this video, which examines the pronunciation of “Utz,” a coworker suggested I take to the streets holding a pop-up spelling bee of sorts.

Done and doner.

My videographer Sonya Paclob and I went to the Dollar Tree beforehand in search of a bell to signal the correct spelling of a word.

We couldn’t find one, so I thought to myself, “What other obnoxious props we buy?”

The choices came down to an annoying pink “clapper” noisemaker and gold star stickers to stick on random people.

So, I got them both.

Then, we took the same man-on-the-street approach as the Utz video and forced unsuspecting market goers to participate in our spelling bee.

Here are some of the words we used that may or may not have made it on camera:

York: A county and a city. Also an easy word we gave people just to make them  not hate us.

Pfaltzgraff: A popular kitchenware/pottery company founded in 1811 in York County.

Springettsbury: A township in York County known more commonly as “East York.”

Farquhar: A park in York city. Also the last name of Arthur Briggs Farquhar, a rich socialite and York County industrialist of the Civil War era. 

Fasnacht, fastnacht, fausnaughts, and who knows how else you spell it: Pennsylvania Dutch for “donut,” and a Fat Tuesday favorite.

Codorus: A creek.

Susquehanna: As in, the river.

Brogue: An area of southern York County. More recently in the news for a proposed strip club. 








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