My weekend is better than your weekend: A Tout story

ydrtoutersIn an effort to help everyone in the newsroom understand the storytelling potential of Tout, there was a newsroom wide “Tout Your Weekend” contest that ended today.

What is Tout?

It’s a video-sharing platform that allows you to capture 15-second status updates that post through Twitter and Facebook.

It also allows you to pause the video and switch frames, so you don’t have to use an editor.

From the get go, I decided that touts are about quality, not quantity. The purpose of a 15-second video is to be brief and to-the-point.

So, in my opinion, over-touting like some kind of psycho defeats the purpose.

I also think, to be effective, touts should probably have some sort of underlying theme to tie them all together.

My theme: “My Weekend is Better than your Weekend.”

Afterall, it probably was better than yours.

Not to sound conceited, but I’m a fun gal.

My video string included my weekend trip to DC, eating Fruit Loops out of a measuring cup, watching men strut in heels at a YWCA fundraiser and rocking out in my car to “Low Rider.”

For the videos, click here and look for touts with the hashtag #ydrtouters.


2 responses to “My weekend is better than your weekend: A Tout story

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