Live tweeting about “The Office” strip club: Fun with a planning commission meeting


When’s the last time you saw this many people come to a planning commission meeting?

I had some incredible live tweeting fun the other night in Chanceford Township.

… also known as “the middle of nowhere.”

… also known as “The Brogue.”

You can check out the Storify here.

It doesn’t get any better than this, my friends.

Essentially, the township’s planning commission was considering a plan for an adult cabaret to occupy vacant space in a strip mall (pun totally intended!)

I arrived at 6:30 p.m. — a half hour before the meeting — thinking I’d be WAY too early.

Turns out, numerous residents had beaten me to the punch. The place was packed by 7 p.m. with more than 30 people spilling out of the room, into the hall and outside the building.

I’ve never been to a meeting this hilarious.

I’ve also never been so overheated in a meeting. The room was totally packed, and about the size of my closet.

Hellooo body heat.

Alas, I‘ll be returning to Chanceford at the end of May for another meeting, which will decide the final fate of “The Office” strip club.

(Yes, that’s its actual name.)

How did I get assigned this story in the first place?

The conversation went down like this.

Editor: “I have this assignment. I’m not sure who wants it. It’s about an adult entertainment [BOYER INTERRUPTION HERE]”

Me: “I’LL TAKE IT!!!”


5 responses to “Live tweeting about “The Office” strip club: Fun with a planning commission meeting

  1. What was so hilarious about the meeting?

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