Twitter archive 2008: Stupid stuff I said back then

I started using Twitter as an intern in 2008 at the Patriot-News.

Since then, apparently, I have tweeted more than 11,000 times.

Now, Twitter is allowing its users to relive the fun of that first time they tried to fit an expression into 140 characters.

I have to admit … I was hesitant to download my Twitter archive.

It felt too much like the time I tried to hunt down the old Xanga page where I’d post angsty rants about my parents with total disregard for the Internet’s public nature.

But I did it. Behold, my first Tweet. If I had known I’d still be looking at these in 2013, I might have said something more intelligent than …

Even better are the posts that come after this one. Most of them involve wanting Twitter to die, because I didn’t understand it. That’s how my 20-year-old self dealt with frustrating things.

Here’s a gem that came about an hour after I joined the Twitterverse. I clearly wasn’t an expert yet.

Here, I even extend a warm “thank you” to the person who brought Twitter into my life.

I also found a lot of disjointed random thoughts that were probably “you had to be there” funny comments. It was, afterall a great summer.

It was a summer of sperm.

A summer of high level thinking.

And a summer of intelligent statements like this one.

The early tweets were the funniest. Back then, I had no idea how useful Twitter would become in the journalism world. No one really did.

I can also tell I grew up (a little?)

But, as they say, some things never change. I know this one hasn’t.

To download your own Twitter archive, follow these directions. You can view them in an Excel spreadsheet.


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