Of parrots and pancake breakfasts: My Saturday working night cops

This is me and fellow business reporter Stephanie Reighart being awesome.

This is me and fellow business reporter Stephanie Reighart being awesome.

I spent Saturday morning hanging out with my coworkers, the NewsVroom and a man dressed as Santa Claus at the Boy Scout Troop 94 pancake breakfast in the Shiloh Fire Hall.

Trust me, anyone who was anyone and was on social media between 7 a.m. and noon that day knew without a shadow of a doubt that A PANCAKE BREAKFAST WAS GOING ON.

Why? Because we covered the crap out of it using ScribbleLive.

After a quick cat nap, I went back into work for my Saturday rotation.

I covered this anti-violence protest in York city and prayed to the night cops gods for a boring night.

I probably jinxed myself.

About 15 minutes after I returned to the office, night metro editor Kate Harmon informed me that there was a house fire involving exotic birds in Newberry Township.

Um … OK.

So I headed to Newberry Township with photographer Chris Dunn. Click here to check out her blog about the fire.

We trekked through the woods via a dark, gravel lane.

There, firefighters said homeowner Wanda Senft had refused to leave the blaze without her pets — five exotic birds, three geckos, a bearded dragon, two dogs, and several cats, to be exact.

We were there about two hours and even caught up with Senft, who introduced us to one of her parrots — a macaw named Delilah.

"Hey there Dellilah. What's it like in ... Newberry Township?"

“Hey there Delilah. What’s it like in … Newberry Township?”

One of Senft’s dogs — believed to have been killed — emerged from the woods two hours later. It was a pretty awesome moment.

(The dog is a Cockapoo Chihuahua mix. It’s called a Cockapoochi … )

Oh yeah, did I mention I tweeted? A lot.

After I could no longer feel my butt or finger tips, I returned to the office, grabbed some Panera, and sat down to write.

What a wild night.






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