A week of Johnson Controls: Reporting on the York employer’s possible relocation

Future home of Johnson Controls? We'll just wait and see.

Future home of Johnson Controls? We’ll just wait and see.

Last week got pretty wild.

For months, we knew a Fortune 500 company was looking to relocate within York County to Hopewell Township using a tax incentive program that needed approval from the school board, township and commissioners.

If they didn’t get what they needed, they’d likely go to Maryland — or so we’re told.

Not knowing who it was frustrated the hell out of me.

I narrowed it down. I knew it couldn’t be Harley, because they just renovated their existing site into a state-of-the-art facility. Why would they move?

This mystery haunted my dreams. (OK, not really.)

South Eastern School Board approved the plan for the aforementioned mystery company the day before Thanksgiving. This meant the company name and plan would be available at the township.

I rolled up to Hopewell Township offices around 8 a.m. that Monday. The offices had been closed for Thanksgiving Thursday and Friday.

It was then, I heard the magic words: Johnson Controls.

I knew it. Here are the stories I’ve done on the company’s potential move so far:

As a bonus, I wrote this blog after talking to a company relocation expert about Johnson Controls and whether other companies will follow suit.

Also, interestingly enough, the New York Times ran this story in their Sunday paper about corporations and tax incentives. It sort of mirrors what’s going on in York County, but on steroids.

Love when that happens.

Check it out!


3 responses to “A week of Johnson Controls: Reporting on the York employer’s possible relocation

  1. That’s a big deal for the area.

  2. Glad to see a “seldom used tool” is Darrell Auterson’s answer to keeping Johnson control happy. Want’s County Commish’s to pass resolution for “re-directing” possible education funding to keep company in County. They still may leave IF workers have “no” education to enhance company’s future NYTimes article). Maybe Johnson Controls should practice what they preach for their energy plans to local businees/government ans spend some of THEIR corporate monies for the needed improvements to “their” business.

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