Exploring York County dive bars and a column on the ‘pie party’

Another day on the job.

Remember that time I ate pie and made new friends in a rural neighborhood? 

That column finally made it in the paper. I used Dickey’s fruit pie recipe as a breakout.

Hyperlocal fun!

You can check it out here.

In other news, here’s a fairly non-journalistic list of other things I’ve gotten myself into during the past week:

1. I was a mojo during the election, where every problem known to man seemed to pop up. We’re talking machine malfunctions, flier mixups and panicky poll people — the works. Also, my iPhone battery died every five seconds.

On the bright side, here’s a photo of a nice 83-year-old chap I chatted with in Dover Township. He was waiting for his wife to finish voting.

“I was born during Hoover times,” he said.

2. Earlier in the week, the manfriend and I embarked on an impromptu self-guided tour of York dive bars. That’s what journalists do, right?

This yielded a trip to the Tourist Inn where we overheard a man describe how he picked up a roadkill deer on Rt. 30 and took it home to eat. Totally unsanitary.

Friends on the Twitters guided us to Jackie B’s. I’m pretty sure it’s my new “spot.” I don’t know much about this place, other than it’s proof that dollar drinks DO exist after college. Amen.

Inside, I ordered a New York Strip steak and six scallops, which came with fries and cole slaw. It cost $7.95.

I needed a takeout box for probably the first time in my life.

3. I tried out a service at a new church.  Still figuring out whether I’m willing to drive to Harrisburg to attend the church I grew up going to.

4. Saw this movie. It’s awesome.

5. Also, my dear friend Emileigh Clare left the York Daily Record and moved to D.C. I sure will miss her!

Bye byeeeee.


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