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Two happy stories and a Penn State victory to wrap up this Thanksgiving weekend

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for Penn State’s win in overtime against Wisconsin … and these awesome seats!

If you’re looking for a warm fuzzy story this Thanksgiving weekend, I have two.

The first belongs to our Thanksgiving package where we highlighted what Yorkers cherish this holiday. (Hint: It’s difficult to fit this theme for the Money & More section.  Most people, I hope, won’t say, “I cherish money.”)

I met Amanda Danuski through through Twitter and wrote this story about her cherishing the ability to start a new job while coping with osteogenesis imperfecta, a brittle bone disease.

Today, a story I wrote about Chandra Illarza appeared on the front of the Sunday News . The York city woman recently quit her job and purchased a house to shelter homeless men.n Continue reading


Happy Thanksgiving: The many poses of my free grocery store turkey

A turkey journalist on deadline.

There comes a time in every woman’s life where she must come to grips with the retail gimmicks associated with different holidays.

For me, today was the day. Continue reading

Exploring York County dive bars and a column on the ‘pie party’

Another day on the job.

Remember that time I ate pie and made new friends in a rural neighborhood? 

That column finally made it in the paper. I used Dickey’s fruit pie recipe as a breakout.

Hyperlocal fun!

You can check it out here. Continue reading

Boyer after hours: Halloween adventures at the Hex House. Also, I stubbed my toe in a cemetery.

A Boyer family Halloween circa 1992. I have gangrene on my face, and my sister Casey, the provider of this photo, looks like one miserable pumpkin. Those were the good old days. ©

I love ghost stories. In fact, I dedicated an Sunday enterprise piece to a few local ghost hunters and the business that could be brought to several in-need historic sites, if they only marketed themselves as “haunted.”

Last night, the partner-in-crime and I had tickets for a historic ghost tour of downtown York. I couldn’t wait.

When we got there, the tour was, more or less, a history lesson with a few “…and this place might be haunted” statements tossed in. Continue reading