Boyer the Explorer: I’m going to a ‘pie party’ in rural York County

Some delicious pie I consumed last week.

After visiting a diner in northern York County, I got an email from a reader.

“You should visit our close knit neighborhood in the farm country of Northern York Country,” it said.

Jim Dickey is having a pie party Friday night at his home on Blue Hill School Road. And I’m invited.

What’s a pie party, you ask?

It’s a community gathering in the rural farmlands — one with lots of pies, obviously.

“We live out here in the country,” Dickey told me. “Nobody knows eachother.”

It’s a tradition that started about a decade ago. Dickey and his wife make the pies from scratch, using produce from a berry patch in the back yard.

“We think we’re going to have about 60 people and we’ll have 17 pies of which about 12 of them are different pies,” he said.

What does one wear to a pie party?

“We call it Blue Hill School Road formal,” Dickey said. “Clean shirt with no holes.”

I’ll be doing a column about the adventure, and perhaps liveblogging from my phone.

Can’t wait to meet the neighbors!


4 responses to “Boyer the Explorer: I’m going to a ‘pie party’ in rural York County

  1. Sounds like a blast!

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