Back at it! Visit me Thursday at John’s Diner in Fairview Township.

I love diner coffee. I snapped this one after a visit to Alexander’s near the York Fairgrounds.

So, I have to catch my breath here.

It’s been an interesting month.

For most of September, we were down a man (or woman) on the business desk, which has led to minimal time to focus on fun things, like hanging out with random people.

(Though I did manage to have some fun with my toys.)

But I’m back. Back with vengeance. And I’m headed where no man has gone before.

…well, at least I haven’t. For more information, click here.

My next stop is John’s Diner, just off Interstate 83 in Fairview Township. It’s in York County, but sort of outside our typical coverage area.

And it makes sense.

It’s on the way to Harrisburg, where many Yorkers commute to for work.

If most people up that way aren’t reading our paper or, why not use this as an opportunity to tell them why they should?

And, more importantly, I love random diners with local flavor.

Anywho, catch me from 9 a.m. to noon.

I’ll be hanging out with my iPad waiting for cool people to talk to.

Don’t be shy. Afterall, you never know when your short conversation with might end up in print.


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