Takeaway points from White Rose Thunder: A photo essay

I spent the day Thursday at White Rose Thunder, a four-day motorcycle event at the York Expo Center.

I had a blast.

Why am I covering this, you ask?

Because I’m the manufacturing reporter. I get to cover Harley-Davidson’s York plant, which also means learning about various biker-y things that come my way.

When I took this job more than a year ago, I knew virtually nothing about motorcycles. To be honest, I still don’t know a whole lot, but I’m learning.

So, in honor of learning, here’s a list of takeaway points from White Rose Thunder captured with my iPhone 4S:

1. Burnouts smell bad. If hell has an odor, it probably smells a lot like motorcycle tires spinning in place.  After watching a stunt show — which, by the way, was quite enjoyable — I felt the need to hurl in the grass.

The smell from hell.

2. Pain and motorcycles are like peanut butter and jelly. White Rose Thunder has been paired with a tattoo expo. Why? Because getting a tattoo and getting road rash from falling off your bike probably feel about the same.

York Daily Record photographer Kate Penn captures some action at the tattoo expo inside the Toyota Arena.

3. Bikers is gangsterz too. Some aspects of biker culture mimic the thug life. Take, for example, doo rags.

Do the doo (rag).

4. Beer is a biker food group. If you’re looking for a place that has more Budweiser than you could drink in a lifetime, look no further.

Beverages a-plenty.

5. Sleeves are for sissies. Want to wear leather, but it’s too hot? Try a vest.


2 responses to “Takeaway points from White Rose Thunder: A photo essay

  1. You captured all the flavor of a HD event…even those 1%-ers!!!! You are a brave person and you know a lot about the HD culture!!!! WOW!!!!

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