I’m soooo im-manure: The path of poop at the York Fair

A very hipster-y photo I took of myself pointing at the animal poop truck at the York Fair. Jason Plotkin is standing over the pile, hoping to get a photo of someone dumping a wheelbarrow of crap.

It’s York Fair time, and I have a confession to make.

It pains me to cover annual events without some sort of twisted, scatalogical or bizarre angle being involved.

I develop total ADHD. I get bored. I need a challenge.

I mean, how many times can we seriously cover people eating greasy food while riding rides and petting cows?

(Last year, I wrote about romance at the York Fair. The makeout spots. Hooking up. Finding love.)

This year, I went for something stinkier.

Let’s face it: Everybody poops.

And while I realize, my fascination with weird shit (pun totally intended) probably isn’t going to woo the male crowd, I’ve always wondered:

Where the hell does all the poop go? We take it for granted.

You’ve got 1,100 animals. They’re eating all day long. It’s a logical question.

While investigating, I found a 75-year-old man who loves his job as a ‘pooper scooper,’ some guys who felt inclined to describe the shapes of various animal turds to me, and a farmer who has been hit by poo projectiles.

Read the story here.

It was truly a #poopatwork miracle.


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