From iPhone photo, to online, to print: Royal Farms chicken takes a tumble

A large chicken takes a tumble.

So, this is a first.

I was working this Saturday, and all hell broke loose with the weather.

I was driving back to the office from lunch when a monsoon erupted.

I called my editor and asked if I should get a photo of something going on to post with a web update.

The rain. People hating the rain. Whatever.

He recommended sticking my iPhone out the car window and catching something while stopped at the traffic light.

I’m the worst on-the-go photographer, so I pulled over into the newly opened Royal Farms parking lot at the corner of Route 30 and Roosevelt Avenue in York.

It was then I spotted this bad boy, in all his glory, deflated by the rumbling winds.

I put up an umbrella, snapped a photo of it and sent it to the editor.

He put it up on the Facebook, where it got 21 shares, 37 comments and more than 70 likes:

Then, it ended up on the bottom strip of the front page of Sunday’s paper.

Not bad for a silly iPhone picture.



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