Mapping social reactions to the York Galleria mall cockroach infestation: I’m multi-platform, yo.

This is the closed food court, caution tape and all. My editor, Cathy Hirko, noticed I’m getting a little artsy fartsy with my iPhone photos.

The other day, I posted about Gathering Point, this neat tool you can use to make social maps that update in realtime to complement stories.

On Tuesday, I had the perfect opportunity to see it in action: A cockroach infestation that closed the food court at the York Galleria mall.

On a side note, that day, I pretty much almost crashed my car on Rt. 30.

En route to the mall, I had my notepad pinned against the steering wheel while I took notes from Department of Agriculture spokeswoman Samantha Krepps.

I pulled over, as cars whizzed past at 60 miles per hour. From the shoulder, I wrote and sent a web update using the 3G on my iPad and a bluetooth keyboard. It basically turns my iPad into a laptop.

When I got to the den of retail excitement, mall hanger-outters like this chap were no where to be seen. I tweeted my butt off from the scene of the crime (which most people assumed was, indeed, a crime scene, because there was little signage identifying otherwise).

I posted this map via Gathering Point to collect any tweets, Instagrams or Facebooking coming from the area.

I, for one, am not convinced that the majority of online readership fully understands how to use these maps or see the value in them.

Alas, the map post went up to No. 4 in the most viewed stories at

How did that happen?

No freakin’ clue.

Today, I checked the analytics and learned that the thing got 1,200 hits, 400 of which were from devices like cell phones and iPads.

Pretty darn cool.



2 responses to “Mapping social reactions to the York Galleria mall cockroach infestation: I’m multi-platform, yo.

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