Distraction du jour: Creepin’ on my neighborhood using social mapping tool GatheringPoint

What’s going on in Boyer’s neighborhood? Click the map.

So, because WordPress is dumb, and I can’t figure out how to embed an iFrame into the non-customized blog that I barely pay anything annually for, here’s the deal:

Today, my editor Cathy Hirko gave me a distraction that, if executed properly, should keep me sufficiently amused all weekend. 

She taught me about GatheringPoint, a cool way to curate social media based on geographical location.

It’s sort of like GeoFeedia, me thinks.

In reality, the map above would be an embedded, interactive Google map with things like location-based public Tweets, Youtube videos, Facebook posts, Foursquare check-ins, See Click Fix posts, and the like.

(Evidently, my street’s got some pothole issues. Who knew?)

To create a map like mine, go to the free Map Maker.

Enter the zip code or address for the location where you’d like to create a social map.

Next comes the cool part. You get to place and label pins for whatever you want:

Drinking establishments.

Your house.

A toxic waste dump.

Then, you get to choose what types of things you want to show up, from sites labeled yucky by the Environmental Protection Agency to farmers markets to Instagram photos.

Then, turn on the map and embed it.

Perfect way to get reaction to events without the annoyance of Twitter searches.

It’s like a Google map. But so way awesomer.


6 responses to “Distraction du jour: Creepin’ on my neighborhood using social mapping tool GatheringPoint

  1. Hi Lauren! Glad you like GatheringPoint. You can put maps in WordPress by switching to the “html” tab while you’re composing and pasting the iframe code that mapmaker provides. You can switch right back to wysiwyg and it shows up as a yellow box while you’re editing. I hope you’ll check out the word clouds made from tweets if you haven’t – that’s my favorite feature. Also, you might find the “products” tab at blog.gatheringpoint.com interesting. Spencer

    • Spencer:

      I was using the free mapmaker … where is this HTML tab? Definitely want to try it out…

      Let me know!


    • Oh, I see, you meant the html tab in wordpress. Mine still isn’t working 😦

      • If you’re using a wordpress blog hosted at wordpress.com, they don’t allow iframes so your approach of putting a picture of the map linked to the real map is all you can do.

        If you’re using a wordpress blog out in the wild, you can paste the iframe code from the tool into the html edit tab IF your wordpress user has a role of “administrator” or “editor”…. or an administrator can install the “iframe” plug-in to let any user/role do this.

        Rules, rules, why does everyone have so many rules!

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