Guerrilla marketing win! Social media pushes our project back into Top 10.

So, I had my doubts about guerrilla marketing stories.

To me, it just seems like a hassle — not to mention irritating — to be posting EVERY story I write on random Facebook walls, forums, blogs and the like.

But yesterday proved me wrong.

Our “Risky Business” package had dropped off the radar of’s Top 10.

Sean and I may have shed a tear.

Alas, we weren’t ready to throw in the towel. This project is the result of months worth of work.

So we posted it everywhere known to man. Everywhere we could think of that readers would be interested.

Sean sent it out to a journalism listserv and posted it on every related Facebook page ever.

Then, we wanted to reach our Alabama audience, who we felt hadn’t read the piece.

I tweeted the story at — an Alabama news site  — asking them to forward it to its 20,000+ followers.

Then something awesome happened.

The story started to soar in the list.

Up to No. 3 by the time I went to bed around 10 p.m.

Naturally, I took a screenshot with my iPhone to document the moment:

I won’t doubt the power of the Twitters ever again!

On a sad note, the HoodiePillow made a quiet slip from the list.



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