The HoodiePillow: A product of York County manufacturing and my amusement for the week

BOYER IN ACTION: Testing out the HoodiePillow at Dallco Industries in York.

There are some stories you have to jump on, both literally and figuratively.

That’s just what I did when a press release from Dallco Industries came across my desk Friday.

As a manufacturing reporter, I hadn’t been so amused since a pharmaceutical company announced it was opening a distribution center for lube (of the medical variety, perv!) in the county.

The HoodiePillow pillowcase, the release said, was going to be manufactured right here in our fair city.

Truth be told, I had never heard of the HoodiePillow, but I knew I had to learn more about it.

I called up Barry Carbaugh of and scheduled a tour immediately.

And I mean immediately.

The HoodiePillow waits for no reporter.

On Monday, I arrived at Dallco with a slew of insane questions for the company’s president, Doug Dallmeyer:

“Do you guys manufacture footie pajamas?”

“Can this thing suffocate me in my sleep?”

“What if I want to share with my boyfriend? Can you make a pillowcase for a body pillow that contains two hoods?”

Yesterday, I interviewed one of the HoodiePillow’s inventors, Chris Hindley.

He wanted to clarify something other media in our area had screwed up.

He and his wife had started the sleeping craze after their triplet girls came home

Taken during my tour of Dallco Industries, this is material that will soon be turned into HoodiePillows.

from the hospital, he said.

They needed a quieter, darker sleeping environment.

They. As in, for themselves.

Apparently, some media assumed the pillow was for their infant girls.


Now that sounds like a smothering incident waiting to happen.



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