Today in mobile reporting news: Someone punched my car

Today started like this and ended with a punch in my car.

This morning was lovely.

I had a pleasant walk from my house to the OffCenter Grill at the Yorktowne Hotel, where I planned to sip coffee and put the finishing touches on a story for the business page.

On the walk home, I stopped at the market and ran into Nuts About Granola employee Kenny Brown, who recommends a piano bar in this oh-so-awesome video I made at my last mobile reporting at the venue.

I bought some fresh vegetables. I went home and ate lunch.

Then, I hopped in my car bound for 1891 Loucks Road, the location of my cubicle that I’m not supposed to spend much time hanging out in.

In the meantime, my car, I guess, got a little too close to an grouchy-looking gentleman, who was pacing through the alley in an angry fashion circa 1 p.m.

Then, he punched my car.


He punched it.

He inflicted violence on the the green Toyota, my ideaLab office-mobile, and shouted some profanities I’d rather not repeat.

I was fuming. I didn’t touch him. I called my mom.

Who punches cars? Really? Are we animals?

“Pick on a car your own size,” I wanted to tell this portly beast.

Alas, I kept quiet.

Just another day in the life of a mobile reporter in the fair White Rose City.


One response to “Today in mobile reporting news: Someone punched my car

  1. Although a paraphrase, “Pick on a car you on size” is a classic. On that alone you have a new regular visitor to the blog. Happy #Journing

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