Logos Academy gets a taste of #boyer101, my super fabulous journalism workshop.

  1. I warned the masses about what might be happening circa 10:30 a.m. #boyer101 is serious stuff. I
  2. laurenboyer
    #boyer101 is starting in a few minutes. Going to teach some Logos Academy kids about #digitalfirst #journalism. One will hijack my Twitter.
    Mon, Jun 11 2012 10:16:57
  3. Then the madness began. I gave two other students iPhones and access to my Boyer The Explorer twitter accounts, @laurenboyer101 and @boyer_101. Follow them for future #boyer101 fun.
  4. LaurenBoyer101
    In a presentation, showing Logos Academy the wonders of journalism. #boyer101 #LogosAcademy
    Mon, Jun 11 2012 10:30:00
  5. LaurenBoyer101
    (By the way, this is a Logos Academy student. Hello, world!) #boyer101 #LogosAcademy
    Mon, Jun 11 2012 10:36:56
  6. I don’t really know what iCarly is?
  7. laurenboyer
    Lauren, too silly maybe reminds me of Sam from icarly ^.^
    Mon, Jun 11 2012 10:33:06
  8. I showed them some awesome videos I’ve been involved with, like this one about a “haunted” hill in Lewisberry.
  9. laurenboyer
    Optical illusion or maybe crazier than plankton from sponge bob squarepants ??? What do you think ^.^#boyer101
    Mon, Jun 11 2012 10:35:35
  10. Then I got to the point. I started talking about my ideaLab Mobile Journalism project.
  11. And how the coffee out-and-about is better than what’s served in the newsroom kitchen.
  12. laurenboyer
    talking about the coffee at YDR …I would be ashamed if I made the Coffee here rather pay $5.00 than drink it from here :-0#boyer101
    Mon, Jun 11 2012 10:40:15
  13. Another reference I really don’t understand.
  14. laurenboyer
    I have more swagg that chris brown, lil Wayne & Justin Bieber mixed together GET AT ME BRO ! I have free candy (that I steal)
    Mon, Jun 11 2012 10:46:00
  15. I taught them reasons to blog: cool stuff like this.
  16. laurenboyer
    Whenever curious about a certain button …Always push it !!!!! You only love once !#boyer101
    Mon, Jun 11 2012 10:47:27
  17. The York Daily Record is NOT a newspaper.
  18. LaurenBoyer101
    Saw lots of videos, too! There’s not only one way to spread news, folks. #boyer101 #LogosAcademy
    Mon, Jun 11 2012 10:49:21
  19. Thanks, guys, for being such a great audience!
  20. laurenboyer
    Don’t tell Boyer bout our tweets shhhhhh ((;#boyer101
    Mon, Jun 11 2012 10:51:14
  21. LaurenBoyer101
    Thanks, Ms. Boyer, for letting me hijack your Twitter. That news thing you were teaching me is pretty neat, too. 😉 #boyer101 #LogosAcademy
    Mon, Jun 11 2012 10:59:34
  22. laurenboyer
    Letting kids hijack your Twitter account is the only way to roll. It’s also, probably a good way to lose followers! #boyer101
    Mon, Jun 11 2012 11:05:40

3 responses to “Logos Academy gets a taste of #boyer101, my super fabulous journalism workshop.

  1. You had a great presentation, Lauren, and I was biting my nails when you handing over your devices to my students!!!

  2. You gave a great presentation on mobile social media journalism, Lauren, and I was biting my nails when you handed over your devices to my students!!!

  3. Hey! Just saw this comment. I had a great time presenting for your students. I read the tweets after the fact, and they were all very funny … and CLEAN 🙂

    Thanks for visiting the YDR!

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