In politics, there are “winners and losers” and YDR videos that take REALLY long to make

A few months ago, Sunday Editor Scott Blanchard had this idea to make me the York Daily Record‘s Jeanne Moos, starring in news video spoofs like this one, for example.

At first, I didn’t know who she was.

(I don’t really watch TV. True story.)

But after watching a few clips of her work, I arrived at a conclusion:

I want to do THAT.

I’ll try almost anything once.

We tossed around sarcastic topics. At the time, municipal elections had just wrapped up.

Scott wondered what it might be like to get elected — by accident.

Do these people rise to the challenge? Are they pissed off? Do they even know what an auditor does?!

I printed the list of write-in winners off the York County elections website and started calling people, mostly auditors.

“Hi. This is Lauren Boyer with the York Daily Record. I’m doing a video  about people elected to offices they didn’t really run for. Wanna be in it?”

Most people declined.

But two — a farmer and a volunteer fire woman — played along.

Scott and I visited them and got loads of footage using a Flipcam.


1) The thing’s battery kept dying.

2) We had too much footage to sift through. This took forever.

3) We decided to edit the video using Adobe Premiere. Neither of us had ever used it before. Hello learning curve.

Most of the office uses Flipcams. I use iMovie for iPad.

Both are relatively simple compared to an actual video-editing software our photographers use.

Alas, Blanchard took control and nailed the cinematography.

It just took a while. We had other stuff going on.

By the time we got around to finishing the project, the primary in Pennsylvania had come and gone.

We used he opportunity to interview some folks at the polls about their thoughts on write-in victories.

I wrote a quick script and we filmed the intros and transitions around the newsroom.

This was posted on the home page player of as well as the YDR Politics Blog.

We’ve got some other spoofs in the works for the future.

We’ll be better at the whole video thing by then, I hope.

Stay tuned, and let me know what you think!


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