Keepin’ it classy: Working from the 86-year-old Yorktowne Hotel

The morning started in style.

Don’t get me wrong.

I love a loud, obnoxious, shenanigans-filled ruckus as much as the next reporter.

I love frolicking among York County’s strangest in gas stations, diners and undisclosed locations.

I love it all — just not when I’m trying to meet deadlines.

On Tuesday, I just needed to work — transcribe long recordings, specifically.

And what better place, I figured, than the elegant, 86-year-old historic landmark I had written about a few weeks earlier.It’s a place where York County’s movers and shakers have met for decades.

It’s also a place where I’m less likely to get bothered for hours by the guy who wants me to expose how government has implanted cameras in his brain.

So I plopped my laptop down in the OffCenter Grill, the hotel’s more casual restaurant.

I worked there for about two hours before moving my journalism roadshow to the lobby’s comfy seating:

I always wanted a couch in my “office!”

Meanwhile, I had been tweeting back and forth with the @YorktowneHotel Twitter account.

The actual person behind the account stopped by to say hello. She’s featured in this blog, which was repurposed for the print version of the paper.

Dead tree!

All in all, I had fun.

I’ll be back. Maybe even next week …



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