#fatatwork: ideaLab cupcake torture and my new favorite hashtag

Working in a cupcake shop. No big deal … unless you have a sweet tooth.

This week, in #ideaLab mobile reportingland, let’s talk a little about willpower.

On Thursday, I voluntarily decided to work from the oasis of deliciousness known as Macklin’s Cupcakes.

I hadn’t really been out to that side of the county. I hadn’t really tortured myself, either.

Call me crazy, but I’m trying not to eat as many sweets lately. (Rumor has it, they make you gain weight.)

It’s hard.

Tursn out, I didn’t know from hard until I parked my iPad at this place for four hours.

I let myself have a coffee. Just a coffee.

But holy cow. The smell. It was enough to make me want to leap over the counter and sink my tongue in a bowl of icing.

No one would notice, right?

But I didn’t. I didn’t eat a cupcake.

I avoided #fatatwork, a new hashtag I’ve decided to use to describe my sometimes poor on-the-job eating habits.

It’s a take on my friend’s hashtag, #fitatwork, that she uses to describe the opposite.

Let’s face it. We’re Americans.

We order Chinese.

We sit in chairs for eight hours.

We roll through the McDonald’s drive through at 2 a.m. to buy three McDoubles, a medium fry and a vanilla cone. (Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything … )

On Friday, I got the internet folk involved in celebrating #fatatwork. Everyone shared their tips for a future in morbid obesity.

I Storified them together and put them on ydr.com.

And, turns it, Friday was also National Donut Day.

Hello timeliness.

Have I mentioned I love my job?


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