The #ideaLab office last week: Martin Memorial Library

Here’s the office last Tuesday. Martin Memorial Library in York city.

It’s been a while. Took some vacation recently, and I’m just starting to catch up with all my work.

I figured a library would be the perfect place to do that.

My co-worker and I are working on a long-term project, and I needed to focus.

Exhausted, I rolled out of bed Tuesday morning and walked to Martin Library, just a few blocks from my house, ready to put my ideaLab project in overdrive.On the way, I ran into a guy walking out of Subway. We said a few words to each other about the weather and parted ways.

When I got to the library, I set up my computer upstairs near an area designated for job and career information. Most people there appeared to be filling out resumes and applications.

I wanted to find someplace I could safely talk on the phone without being disruptive. I AM a reporter afterall. Loudly yelling into the phone is part of the job description.

I walked around, and there he was again: the guy from Subway. I told him about my perils.

Where I come from (Soccer Mom Suburbia), it is more than rude to talk on the phone in the library. It’s so rude, in fact, you’re likely to have your eyes gouged out by a pearl-wearing, Burberry-toting fuddy duddy the moment you make a peep.

Subway Dude eased my fears of social inappropriateness. It’s a city library, he said. No one is going to

Subway Dude’s actual name is Bryon Jorgenson, I soon discovered.

He was unemployed and looking for a job. That morning, he was blowing time at the library enroute to a job interview at the White Rose Bar & Grill.

Job searching, he said, is difficult, when you’re taking care of a toddler at the same time.

But man, did that guy know his technology.

I, of course, have an iPad and iPhone. I love them both.

He tried to school me.

“You need a droid,” he said, showing me all the features of his phone and making fun of mine.

(Whatever, I like my iPhone.)

But Bryon seemed like a pretty down to Earth guy, despite his, in my opinion, poor taste in cell phones. I got his email. Added him to my contact list.

Turns out, he was offered the job at the White Rose, pending his ability to find childcare for his son during the day.

I’m keeping in touch with him. I want to see how it turns out.


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